Beta 2.1.2:Edit

  • Added Mortar and Pestle
  • Added more languages

Beta 2.1.1:Edit

  • Added Dragon Boots
  • Added Holy Stone
  • Added more primal enchants
  • Added thaumcraft support
  • Added NEI support
  • Primal enchanting code overhaul

Beta 2.1:Edit

  • Added matches
  • Fortunate stones no longer need to be blessed
  • The altar can no longer bless stuff
  • More config options
  • Added overenchanter (not done yet, by far)

Beta 2.0:Edit

  • Update to 1.7.2

Beta 1.3:Edit

  • Added compatability for Thaumcraft, MFR and NEI
  • New textures for Hemp
  • New Block: BlazeFlower
  • General tweaks and bug fixes

Beta 1.2:Edit

One of the final 1.6 builds. Will start the 1.7 update as soon as this one is bug free.

  • Optimized primal enchanting and added more recipes
  • Changed eyeball spawnings and made it configurable
  • Fixed a possible bug with eyeballs creating alot of lag when spawned
  • Added the TimeWound Clock
  • Added mystery config
  • Buffed lens droprates
  • Nerfed lens droprates with looting III
  • Nerfed eyeball speed

Beta 1.1.0:Edit

  • Added primal enchanting
  • Added altar
  • Added alternate night vision lens recipes
  • Rewrote some code

Beta 1.0.4:Edit

  • Bug fixes, alot of em.

Beta 1.0.3:Edit

  • Optimalized eyeball AI
  • Added raw fish to meatyore
  • Removed debugItem from creativetab
  • Added more options
  • More bugfixes

Beta 1.0.2:Edit

  • Fixed a minor visual bug with rendering the items inside the cabinet
  • Added rotation code for the cabinet.

Beta 1.0.1:Edit

  • Fixed a bug where the cabinet didn't have a texture.

Beta 1.0:Edit

  • Official public beta release!
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