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Welcome to the official wikia of JuiceWares©. This page is maintained by me, JuiceGrape and my editors, and contains all the info and download links. Anyone can add and edit pages. Trolling will get you banned.

What is JuiceWares?Edit

JuiceWares is a small mod. It features are basically small and sometimes quite random changes and / or blocks/items that I thought would make this game better. It is intended for usage in modpacks, not as a standalone mod. Because of this, I give everyone the right to use it in their respective modpack, on the condition that they message me when they do. It was also designed to be used in technical modpacks. I, JuiceGrape, write almost all of the code. The textures are mostly made by other people, but some are also made by me.



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Did I mention it's open source? Cuz it's open source:

Source github 1.6

Source github 1.7.2

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